About Atrium

We help you grow your business across international border

How we work

We offer Incorporation Services on a global scale and free online consultation.

Typically, our service starts with a dialogue between the client or their professional advisors, on international tax and estate planning, asset protection planning, strategic corporate planning or investment holding structures.

This may cover such objectives as income tax minimization, avoidance of estate duties, protection of assets from future claims, distribution of family wealth, international investment or trading structures, tax effective licensing of technology or pre-IP investment planning.

Atrium provides all necessary corporate management services as may be required to administer the structure. If an international or foreign trust is required, Atrium will establish this in the jurisdiction which best meets the client’s objectives. Throughout Atrium we are totally committed to ensuring that our clients’ best interests are the foremost consideration in our administration of their international investment and business activities.

At the centre of our business is our commitment to developing long term relationships with our clients through regular meetings and reviews, and the provision of a high quality personalised service.

We stand by as the right partner to help and assist you on all your business needs in offshore LLC company registration.

Why work with Atrium

Atrium’s core business is company formation, accountancy and tax planning services, but we do not stop there. Our specialized tax and law experts Team allow us to provide a whole set of services, to make our client comfortable and confident that all his business set-up needs will be taken care of in one place.

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Over 18 years of Experience

We have been actively helping clients save time and money through our expert advice on international company formation, accounting and tax matters since 1998. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop an expertise and focus on developing company packages in jurisdictions which have advantageous tax planning opportunities. Over the years, we have tested these jurisdictions to ensure that set-up and maintenance requirements are right for client’s needs.

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Experts on board to help you

Our strong executive team has more than 20 years of experience in company formation and management, with particular expertise in company law, international taxation and accounting.

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Confidentiality and Personalized Approach

Over the years, we have established a large database of loyal clients who value the confidentiality, stable business practice and personalized service we offer.

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Fixed fee, no hidden fees

We offer clients fixed company package pricing with no hidden fees. If there are specific situations where hourly rates may apply, we shall advise you of respective applicable fee range to make sure you will have no surprises at the end of the project – buy offshore company at the best and most competitive market prices.

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One stop Corporate Service Provider

We offer our clients with a complete corporate package, including company registration, legal registered office address, nominee director and shareholder services, bank account introductions, EU VAT registration, accounting and tax planning advisory services.

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Atrium will help you turn your business venture into reality

Most importantly we offer you:


The best options to establish offshore company

Register limited liability company
Limited liability company incorporation
Offshore company formation service
Incorporate LLC company with bank account
Competitive price policy
Offshore business experts
Fast and efficient execution
Strong executive team
Integrity and due diligence
Dedicated customer relationship

How can we help you?

Should you have any question, our Business Development Managers team will be ready to guide and assist you!