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Setting up an offshore company

Select a jurisdiction where to register
With such variety of available jurisdictions to setup an International Business Company, there would be more than one suitable jurisdiction to incorporate your company.

When selecting the best possible choice, it will always be advisable the necessary attention to the detail, taking into consideration all factors. Moreover, each case is unique and must be treated as such.

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Many entrepreneurs are opting to register their companies offshore due to the numerous advantages it offers, including tax exemption, anonymity, privacy protection, and limited liability. With Atrium, all companies we register are fully compliant with the law and can operate globally.

A comprehensive offshore structure should include:

Ensured anonymity
Nominee services provided by legal firms
High-level privacy protection
Limited liability without mandatory capital investment
Legal tax exemption
Zero taxation on all types of income
No accounting or reporting obligations
Elimination of accountant costs and auditing requirements
No restrictions based on profession or financial status
Ability to conduct international business seamlessly

What sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to ongoing support beyond company registration. We offer a range of additional services that others either can’t or won’t provide, including lifelong assistance.

While many service providers either focus solely on expensive personalized consultations or offer mass registration services without support, we aim to blend the best of both approaches. At Atrium, we offer professional advice, global registration services, reasonable fees, personalized order processing, ongoing support, and swift processing. Unlike those who see company formation as a transactional process, we prioritize understanding and catering to your specific business needs.

Atrium & Associates
Corporate Management and Compliance Services

According to the Companies Law in each jurisdiction, all companies must maintain a physical presence in the jurisdiction via a registered office. At Atrium, we consider this essential for efficient company administration. Thus, we’ve assembled a team of experienced professionals and robust IT infrastructure to deliver exemplary service to our clients.

Our permanent Corporate Management and Compliance Services include:

Managing payment of Annual Government License Fees and other government charges
Direct communication with the Local Registrar
Maintaining statutory records like the Register of Directors, Register of Members, and Register of Mortgages & Charges
Handling routine compliance matters, periodic file reviews, and official correspondence

Additionally, Atrium is available to fulfill any service requests you may have, such as providing certificates, filing statutory documents, conducting company searches, legalizing documents, and keeping you updated on local regulatory changes through regular client updates and memos.

Most recommended Offshore Jurisdictions
for International Trade and Investment


British Virgin Islands

Cook Islands


Hong Kong

Isle of Man

Marshall Islands



Saint Kitts & Nevis



The New Tax Planning Options
The Onshore Alternative recommended Jurisdictions

Canada, British Columbia

Canada, New Brunswick

Canada, Nova Scotia

Canada, Ontario



Ireland, Rep.


United Kingdom

USA, Colorado

USA, Delaware

USA, Florida

USA, Hawaii

USA, New Jersey

USA, New Mexico

USA, New York

USA, Pennsylvania

USA, Washington

USA, Wyoming

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