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Gibraltar is currently one of the best countries to do business in, according to foreign investors who come here because of the favorable taxation system; Gibraltar has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, with a standard Corporate tax rate of only 10% for its local companies, while non-resident companies are full tax exempt, since members and managers are bot resident in Gibraltar.

Investors interested in starting a company in the British territory can rely on our company formation services in Gibraltar.

Strategically important, Gibraltar is a full member of the European Union but considered an offshore jurisdiction because it is a dependent territory of the United Kingdom. It does not participate in the common tariff and agricultural policy and does not levy Value Added Tax (VAT). The European Court of First instance recognised Gibraltar’s right to regulate its own tax regime in December 2008, which has further emphasised the attractiveness of Gibraltar as an excellent offshore jurisdiction.

Offshore Incorporation

Gibraltar Corporate Taxation: Gibraltar has one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, with a standard Corporate tax rate of only 10% for its local companies, while non-resident companies are full tax exempt, since members and managers are bot resident in Gibraltar, and incomes have been generated overseas. An interesting fact about company incorporation in Gibraltar is that there is no VAT. Also, Gibraltar does not levy any capital gains tax.
Main Features of a Gibraltar Company
Most relevant features of Gibraltar limited companies:

– No tax on profit generated from activities outside Gibraltar
– Only one director required
– Only one shareholder required
– Shareholders can be persons or corporations
– No nationality or residency restrictions
– No need to visit Gibraltar

Company Name: The company must have a unique name, which is not too similar to any other name of an existing company.
Registered Office: Every company incorporated under the Companies Act must have a registered office address in Gibraltar. It is at this address to which communication and notices may be addressed. Mailboxes are not permitted.
Company Director: Gibraltar companies can be registered with one single director, while there is no specific requirement in terms of directors’ nationality.
Shareholder: Gibraltar companies can have just one shareholder, either a corporation or n individual. There is no requirement to have a Gibraltar resident shareholder, while there is not residency requirements; there is no limit in terms of number of shareholders to be appointed.
Share Capital: A Gibraltar Company can be registered with a minimum share capital of just £1; however the standard share capital is £2,000. Share capital can be issued in any currency.
Company Secretary: The company secretary can be a person or a corporate entity. The company secretary has administrative duties and is responsible for preparation and filing of all company documents.
Local Registered Agent: It is a requirement for a Gibraltar company to have a local resident registered agent duly approved and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

Gibraltar Company Documents
After your Gibraltar Company has been registered the following documents will be provided:

– Certificate of Incorporation
– Memorandum and Articles of Association
– Minutes of First Board Meeting
– Register of Directors
– Register of Shareholders
– Share Certificate for each Shareholder

Advantages of Marshall Islands companies

Totally exempt from Marshall Islands income tax if no business in Marshall Islands.
No disclosure of shareholders or directors to the public or the government.
Only one shareholder and director is required.
Do not require a resident secretary, local shareholders, or local directors.
Minimum issued and paid-up share capital required is US$ 1.
No mandatory requirement for annual return / accounts filing.

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The cheapest option company formation, payment government fees, registered office, local registered agent, Client Due Diligence (CDD) full and free tax and legal assistance, and much more, to keep your entity fully compliant.

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A special package with all services as included on the Standard Package, plus our Bank Account opening services with a local bank based in UAE, providing account opening remotely, and offering you online banking, multi-currency account, debit cards and all other major banking services you may need.

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A package with all services as included on the Business Package plus full Nominee Services (Nominee Members and Managers) providing you the highest degree in terms of confidentiality and anonymity.

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