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Mauritius combines almost all the characteristics for an ideal offshore location. It is an independent sovereign State with an economy of substance.

It is politically stable and is equipped with the state of the art telecommunication technologies. It has a pool of bilingual professionals trained in Europe and the US. The country has a dynamic banking system with only internationally renowned banks operating in an exchange control free environment. Mauritius has an expanding network of double taxation which allow for efficient tax planning.

The Mauritius IFC is now a well-established jurisdiction in the international tax planning landscape. Indeed, it has been used for structuring several high-profile investments into Europe as well as emerging markets in Asia (particularly China and India), Africa and the Far East.

Offshore Benefits

Highest level of privacy protection.
Business can be conducted internationally.
Legal tax exemption for Authorised Companies, but no access to the Mauritian Double Taxation Treaty allowed.
No Withholding Tax on dividends.
No Capital Gains Tax.
No Stamp Duty on transfer of shares.
Free repatriation of earnings.
Migration from a foreign company to/from Mauritius is permitted.
Shareholders and Directors meetings internationally allowed.

Key Features

+ General
  • Type of entity – AC
  • Type of law – Hybrid
  • Our time to establish a new company – 3-5 Days
  • Shelf company availability – Yes
  • Minimum government fees (excluding taxation) – US$350 to FSC and US$100 to ROC
  • Taxation on foreign income – Nil
  • Double taxation treaty access – No
+ Share Capital or Equivalent
  • Standard currency – US$
  • Permitted currencies – Any except Rs
  • Minimum Paid Up share capital – US$ 1
+ Directors or Managers
  • Minimum number – 1
  • Local required – No
  • Publicly accessible records – No
  • Location of meetings – Outside of Mauritius
+ Members
  • Minimum number – 1
  • Publicly accessible records – No
  • Location of meetings – Outside of Mauritius
+ Company Secretary
  • Required – Optional
  • Local or qualified – No
+ Accounts
  • Requirement to prepare – Yes
  • Audit requirements – No
  • Requirement to file accounts – Yes
  • Publicly accessible accounts – No
+ Other
  • Requirement to file annual return – Yes
  • Change in domicile permitted – Yes

Packages and Prices


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The cheapest option company formation, payment government fees, registered office, local registered agent, Client Due Diligence (CDD) full and free tax and legal assistance, and much more, to keep your entity fully compliant.

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A special package with all services as included on the Standard Package, plus our Bank Account opening services with a local bank based in UAE, providing account opening remotely, and offering you online banking, multi-currency account, debit cards and all other major banking services you may need.

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A package with all services as included on the Business Package plus full Nominee Services (Nominee Members and Managers) providing you the highest degree in terms of confidentiality and anonymity.

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