Master Consulting Enterprises Limited


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Master Consulting Enterprises Limited

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    Power of Attorney (POA)

    NOTE: If you have selected the Professional Director/Manager or Shareholder/Member Services, a Power of Attorney (POA) can be issued on your behalf to grant you full powers to manage the company business with no limitation.

    Name of Ultimate Beneficial Owners

    A Beneficial Owner is the person (individual) to whom the Company and its assets ultimately belong to.

    Registered Office address

    NOTE: Registered Office address is legally required. Kindly, advise and mark below whether you will provide your own local office address to be the Company’s legal registered office address or if you wish to contract our own Registered Office address service.
    List of Prohibited Business
    Atrium will NOT incorporate a Company if the business activity is: (1) Animal Testing – Fur export; (2) Pornographic Content; (3) Arms dealing or manufacture; (4) Gambling, Investment schemes – Pyramid Selling; (5) Promotion of extreme political, religious, resistance groups, or organizations; (6) Any illegal activity.

    Optional Services

    Bank Account Opening Services


    You should mark this service, if you have selected Atrium Bank Account Opening Services, as all banks do require one set of full corporate documents certified with apostil – this specific set for bank account opening purposes is not included in our Bank Account Opening Services fee – and if you consider you need an additional set for your own files, or for additional bank account opening, or any other act that may legally require it.

    Set(s) of copies of the primary documents, notarized and legalized by Apostil

    Virtual Office Services
    An international business requires a reliable address where you can be sure you’ll receive all your mail and package deliveries, no matter where you might be on the globe. Atrium Virtual Office Services provides you with a world-class image for your international presence. You receive all the benefits of a permanent office without the need to actually be there.

    Virtual Office Packages – Inclusions

    * Annual fee.